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OZAK Gas Technologies Produce the Nitrogen Generators for Industrial Use

OZAK Gas Technologies was founded in 1993 to fulfill the demand of industrial and medical industry and individuals’ safety in compliance with the best standards and with optimum costs. Our company, which grown constantly since the first day of its establishing thanks to its client oriented, innovative and quality-wise non-compromising accomplishments, always focused to be “the best” and flourished in this to a great extent.

Our philosophy of uninterrupted progress has transmuted us to a technical company expert on on-site gas production and we are pleased of this. In this context, we developed GazKar??t?rmaSistemiof our own design after two years of hard and careful work. ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator has finished nitrogen being aluxurious gas and made it effortlessly and cautiously available to everyone like compressed air. Every user is exclusive and deserves special attention.

If same goods are offered to diverse users, then some things will be omitted. We handle each case especially, work like a tailor and provide the best solution for that case. Almost all of the Azottüpdoldurmasistemi, we manufactured are exclusive; not equal to any other one. With our skilled and capable team of engineers, we would like to understand your projects and solve your difficulties related with gases.

We continually work on developing our Azotgaz?sönümlemesistemiand ourselves, please stay in touch with us. ÖZAK PSA type nitrogen producer is the fruit of a 2-year wide research and development work and functions on the proven PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) method which can produce up to 99,999% pure nitrogen carefully. We can supply only the producer or complete system contingent on your preference. We will be happy to offer technical support in selection of the generator and complementary equipment.

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News Release: OZAK Gas Technologies Produce the Nitrogen Generators for Industrial Use
Submitted on: July 30, 2017 08:13:47 AM
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