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Organic & Fresh Baby Food For Babies and Toddlers | Bubs Delight


Bub’s Delight was passionately founded by French chef Julien Audibert, who recognised a need for fresh, organic food for babies and toddlers in a market unfortunately flooded with ‘quick fix’ meals containing often low nutrition values for the good ones, and chemicals and nasties for the others.

The idea that we feed our young children, food that we ourselves wouldn’t eat was a light bulb moment for Julien and decided to do something about it!

With an extensive background in the culinary arts, Julien uses his knowledge of fine dining cuisine to create gourmet baby & toddler food cooked with such precision and skill that the end result is more than just a home cooked meal. Bub’s Delight is a passion project, with the clear mission of making good food, tasty food, that is affordable and 100% healthy and organic.

After carefully selecting fine organic products from local farmers, Bub’s Delight make everything from scratch. All of our delicious meals are approved by our nutritionist Colleen Grassnick, they are highly nutritious and contain all the good stuff! Bub’s Delight is cooked meticulously, you will find no refined sugar or bad oils. If the recipe calls for a tomato sauce, you can trust we will make the sauce from scratch using fresh tomatoes and nothing of the canned variety.

We have a zero tolerance for additives, preservatives and chemicals.
For more convenience, Bub’s Delight can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

Try Bub’s Delight today, save time & give your babies or toddlers what they truly des ...

News Release: Organic & Fresh Baby Food For Babies and Toddlers | Bubs Delight
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