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Operations Research & Analytics - Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods for Decision Making

Operations research – A great approach towards managing an organization

Have you ever thought of a better approach for the proper management of your organization? Well, you can make use of an analytical method of problem solving and decision-making approach through operation research. These analytical methods include mathematical logic, simulation, network analysis and many more. Undoubtedly, operations research management has the ability to solve an array of organizational and business issues through the sophisticated statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.

Sunil Vethody – A Renowned Operations Research Specialist

Being an operations research specialist, Sunil Vethody has made use of his skills and expertise to design different business strategies and perform upgrade on various accounting systems. Additionally, he has been serving as a Vice President in Operations at Institute of Medical Education in San Jose, CA since June 2004. Presently, he has also been working at All American Staffing, Inc since March 2002. Talking about his educational credentials, he possesses Master of Science degree in Operations Research from Northwestern University. He went to IIT, Kharagpur in 1987 to get Bachelors of Technology.

Sunil Vethody as a Management Consultant

Apart from being an operations research specialist, Sunil Vethody makes use of his business skills to provide management consulting. He helps organizations to solve their issues, maximize growth and work more on improving the business performance. Pertaining to his management experience, Sunil holds an experience of over twenty years in business development including -
• Management
• Enterprise
• Software engineering
• QA management

About Sunil Vethody
Owing to his hard work and dedication, Sunil Vethody developed and managed three organizations from the scratch. These organizations run with average annual revenue of 5-10 million dollars. Talking about his experience in software and technical management, Sunil is highly proficient in all aspects of Quality Assurance of software development and he has managed QA teams for different software produ ...

News Release: Operations Research & Analytics - Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods for Decision Making
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