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Operations Research – Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling to Solve Business Issues

Have you ever thought of making use of your concepts of mathematics in solving business hurdles? Well, operations research allows you to apply the sophisticated statistical analysis and mathematical modeling to solve an array of business and organizational problems.

It seems to be a great idea; however, which areas demand an effective use of operations research? It is quite effective in dealing with the issue of inventory planning and scheduling, transportation, financial and revenue management and risk management. Indeed, it has made the organizations to feel greatly relieved from the burden of supervision of all the routine tasks. Now, the problem areas can be identified analytically.

Being an Operation Research specialist, Sunil Vethody has been serving as Vice President in Operations at Institute of Medical Education, San Jose, CA since June 2004. He has also been working as a Vice President in Operations at All American Staffing in California since March 2002.

Besides holding a startup experience in Business Development, Sunil Vethody is solely responsible for the development of business plans as well as models .He is well versed with all the aspects of management ranging from small to medium sized organizations. Moreover, he holds a solid experience in dealing with the state and federal agencies for licensing, compliance and other business related matters.

About Sunil Vethody
Owing to his hard work and dedication, Sunil Vethody developed and managed three organizations from the scratch. These organizations run with average annual revenue of 5-10 million dollars. Talking about his experience in software and technical management, Sunil is highly proficient in all aspects of Quality Assurance of software development and he has managed QA teams for different software produ ...

News Release: Operations Research – Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling to Solve Business Issues
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