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Norton setup antivirus and is that helps to protect your device as well as files, documents, song videos etc. From the virus which generally comes from the transferring of files and using lots of internet etc. install Norton Antivirus to secure your system call (1-888-502-7316) .
What will you do if your Norton setup is not working?
When you have installed the Norton setup then sometimes it may happen that it's not working properly, generally it’s happen when it has not installed properly or after the updates version. So, you are facing the problems with not working of Norton.Com/Setup then you fix the problems by the following process.
Restart the device
First all exit all the programs and then restart your device and check the Norton.Com/Setup working properly or not. If the problems are not solved then you can try another step that is:
Download and run the Norton setup remove and reinstall tool
You have to download the Norton remove and reinstall tool and press the ctrl + j to open the file and again double click on NRnR and agree on the license agreement and in next step, you have to click on remove and reinstall and remove the setup and then click on start to reinstall the Norton setup With Product key.
You can also apply the third step that is re-download the Norton setup by the sign in on the website and entering the product key of the Norton setup then click on continue and after downloading run it on your device.
If your problems still not solved then you can contact us ( 1-888-502-7316) we are always ready to solve your all issue and we will really happy to solve your probl ...

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