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New Brother DTG GTX Printer Gives Faster, One-Pass Printing Capabilities

Brother has been released of its next generation digital direct-to-garment printers with the new Brother DTG, GTX printer. Reliably standing by its great speed, high performance and high-quality products. The new designed Brother GTX Printer with accelerated next generation print heads, resulting in high quality prints at production level speeds, is perfect in all aspects of growing your business and tapping into new markets.
The new Brother DTG, GTX Printer has various awesome features, more flexibility and more capabilities into your bag of printing and decorating tricks and it enables completion of a printing works in much lesser. Some of the notable features includes as:-
• Colour & Design: - Colour preview screen that eliminates require for a computer in order to verify ready-to-print designs. Along with a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi joined with cutting edge Innobella inks, and user’s designs can integrate the entire color spectrum and even minute details will print with eccentric clearness.
• Manually Unclog Nozzles: - The new GTX also comes with inspiring self-maintenance features, means the users no longer necessary to manually unclog nozzles, such thanks to the new white ink circulation system that keeps white ink circulation system and a wet capping station that stops ink drying on the bottom of the nozzle plate, and ready to print.
• Printing Software: - You will be happy to know, that this new printer has a new branded printing software that comes with the GTX, which will be accessible for both Mac and PC operating systems. Then, then the program together along with the GTX print driver decreases the requirement for the user to be capable in additional graphic and image editing software. It also permits the users to import artwork, add text, rotate/ /position/size elements and apply artistic effects.
• Adjustable and Replaceable Platen:-It offers a generous 16" x 21" maximum print area with the height adjustable and replaceable platen makes the GTX one of the most multipurpose garment printers on the market. As, along with earlier models, the Brother has created the GTX print heads in order to have a large print head-to-substrate gap that builds so simpler than ever before to print over fabrics such as seams, pockets and zippers.
Furthermore, to shirts, the GTX can be used to embellish a diversity of headwear, tote bags, shoes, and bulky apparel such as jackets and hoodies.
Greg Benardos, Brother National Channel Manager–DTG said that "The technology and dependability of these models twig from our success with earlier GT series and our all-encompassing range of consumer and commercial printers. Brothers' company experience in printing technology is combined with our knowledge/experience in commercial development by manufacturing the printer, print heads, ink, and software development, in order to insure a fully integrated system. This capability to develop a product with all condemnatory components intended and manufactured by Brother makes the GTX our optimum digital garment printer line yet".
According to a brother, this new and upgraded model permits for an accelerated workflow, meaning user’s familiarity a smaller amount of downtime, whether the GTX is used as a single printing machine, or part of a manufacturing line. Therefore, the print head covers about 3 times the number of nozzles than its previous print heads, a huge development over earlier print heads, which means resolutions of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which can be printed in a single pass, resulting in high quality results in a fraction of the t ...

News Release: New Brother DTG GTX Printer Gives Faster, One-Pass Printing Capabilities
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