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Mobile Machinery Air Conditioning Specialist Campbelltown

Are you facing issues with your car air conditioning system and wasting lots of money to get it fix, but unable to ratify the issue, then bring your car to Cool Car Air Conditioning workshop to get outstanding services for your car air conditioning system in Campbelltown. Our workshop is fully licensed to serve re-gas and mobile auto-air condition repair for all kinds of cars including light trucks, small buses, European cars, Imported cars, American cars and high performance sports cars, bobcats, forklifts.

With 20 years of trustworthy services, we are known as trusted mobile air conditioning specialists to serve all your needs. We offer our services where ever you require, whether it is in your home or at the work place. Our mobile van is fully equipped with the latest tools and wide range of A/c parts to carry out all car air conditioning services at the location itself. Our team is certified by Australian Refrigeration Council and also has a certificate II in automotive. We have a team of well trained and skilled technicians who upgrade themselves with the upcoming technologies to offer outstanding services for our customers. Now we are currently offering complete vehicle system diagnostics and fault code clearing services with your specialized high tech automotive scan tools. We are offering these code clearing services for only $120.00.

Air Conditioning Services:

Cool Car Air Conditioning team is well trained and capable of handling any kind air conditioning works and serve in the areas of Campbelltown, Southern Highlands, Macarthur Region and cover the area up to 40km radius with no call out fee. Our team caters the following services
• Air Conditioning Compressor Repairs
• R134a and The New R1234yf Refrigerant
• Leak detection
• R12 To R134a conversion
• Air-conditioning service
• Diagnostics and repairs
• Air conditioning hose repairs on all vehicle air conditioner and climate control systems
• Re-Gas/Re-Charge

A regular maintenance is required for the car air conditioning system to work effectively without causing any troubles. The ongoing maintenance include, running the system weekly once in the non-summer months to keep the gas and oil circulating through the system in order to extend the validity of the seals in the system, servicing the car air conditioning system annually, replacing the receiver dryer for every 2 years and make sure that the drive belts are adjusted in perfect condition.
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News Release: Mobile Machinery Air Conditioning Specialist Campbelltown
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