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MileGo Strives for a More Simplified yet Effective Mileage Tracking

With the purpose of simplifying mileage tracking, MileGo has developed an app to create and generate detailed and accurate reports. This is another breakthrough from which more people and businesses will benefit.

MileGo utilizes your phone's built-in GPS to automatically detect and then tracks when you get into a car and then logs that trip for reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. A simple tap to start and end your trip can save you more money by qualifying for tax deductions. This will be the answer to the issue of spending extra money for taxes due to lack of comprehensive reporting.

Innovating from the Traditional Way of Mileage Log Book Tracking

Tax laws include deductible operating costs for automobiles used for charitable, business, moving, and medical purposes. However, to qualify for such deductions, IRS requires that you need to prepare and submit a written record of your mileage. In that way, you can claim that on your tax return.

The traditional mileage report preparation is mind-numbing; from manually writing down the starting mileage up to computing the mileage – all those require time and effort to complete. And that has to be done for every single trip!

In spite of this, the rewards are fair enough: 53.5 cents per mile for business miles driven, 17 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes, 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations.

As a response for the above-mentioned issue, MileGo has strived to replace the old-fashioned mileage log book. With MileGo app, your mileage will be automatically logged and reimbursements and deductions will be computed. Reports, then, will be generated at your fingertips!

Not only that, MileGo also allows you to run custom reports of all your deductible miles whenever you want with just a tap on the button. Reports are sent via email in comprehensive format. It will be an ease for you to submit data to your accountant or employers when they ask for your reports – be it quarterly, monthly, or annually.

A Quick Glimpse on some other MileGo Features

MileGo is a one-time download and setup. Once set up, it begins logging drives automatically to generate reports for filing or presenting expense reports.

With just a swipe of the screen, this smart mile tracker app sorts your trip as 'Business' or 'Personal' and then categorize it down further, with additional tagging options. In that way, you can personalize your trip, just by adding tags for specific purposes and separates drives outside your normal working hours. When the trip is done, you can add tolls and parking expenses as well.

In that way, businessmen and any individual can have the applicable IRS reimbursement rates for the mileage purposes made. Technically, this app will do the math and calculate money that can be saved.

Today’s technological trend entails the opportunity of increasing the productivity of the mobile workforce by introducing competitive and easy-to-use innovations. It is the era of time-saving equipment and innovative solutions that offer efficiency to business and personal purposes.

MileGo app is focused on providing solutions to log simple, reliable and easy to access mileage tracking reports to employees and companies worldwide.

Don’t be left behind with what MileGo app can offer. Save more money while you drive and never let the first-rate mileage tracking capabilities and other features slip out from your hand. Save your money for business and not for paying extra taxes! It’s just a click away! Get stared today with MileGo mileage tracking app.

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News Release: MileGo Strives for a More Simplified yet Effective Mileage Tracking
Submitted on: December 06, 2017 11:16:06 AM
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