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Microsoft one of the Top Technology Company in the Software Industry

Microsoft is one of the top Technology Company in the software industry. This is basically an American industry which was established in 1975 by two friends Bill gates and Pall Allen. After that Microsoft faced many ups and downs and finally become successful across the world. It has spread its business in 170 countries and launched more than 300 products. The Headquarter of Microsoft is 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA98052 United States. There are more than 110000 employees whose work with Microsoft for very long time. In computer software industry Microsoft offers Design Tools, Windows Operating system, Cloud computing, Development Tools, Advertising Servers, Business Software, Smartphone, Tablets etc. These all products have millions of users. Although Microsoft provides a world-class facility to users due to a technical error, they stick with the problem. Therefore to support their customers Microsoft has additional service of Tech support, which provides a solution to all issues by Microsoft Customer Service.

Products of Microsoft possess wonder features which have changed the scenario. Smartphone, PC, Windows has new updated features. Recently the updated versions of Windows 10 have versatile features. It may happen that due to advanced features Microsoft users face problem to use the product. To help users and provide the proper guidance to fix their issue Microsoft has its tech support team. The technical support team provides its service 24×7 hours where skilled technicians dissolve the problem. Microsoft customers only need to ring on Microsoft Technical Support Number, after dial the number expert will assist to fix it.
Newly launched features of Microsoft:
Windows 10:
1. 3D model creation on screen.
2. Animated 3D model creation in PowerPoint.
3. New Emoji on the keyboard.
4. Feature to add a contact on the task bar.
Office 365
New update of Office 365 helps the customer to create and host their public website.
Xbox one S
This feature of Microsoft is for game lovers. IT allows customers to play in past, present, and future as well. It has more than 1300 amazing games which you can link to friends and play. Enjoy the new updated of Xbox one S and experience the virtual world.

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News Release: Microsoft one of the Top Technology Company in the Software Industry
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