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Micro X-Ray Offers X-Ray Fluorescence Equipment

Santa Cruz, California, February 01, 2018: Micro X-Ray is pleased to announce they provide their customers with x-ray fluorescence equipment designed to provide them with the high-quality service they need to complete their processes. This process features the emission of secondary x-rays and is typically used in elemental and chemical analysis processes.

The professionals at Micro X-Ray understand the importance of providing exceptional performance when it comes to this type of equipment. This is why they have worked hard to create a functional product that takes up less space so more companies can use the equipment with even small space restrictions. Their products use tubes made from Mammoflex cable, which allows for a tight bend to accommodate smaller spaces. Even processes that require continuous operation can safely use these cables due to their ability to transfer internal heat to the outside to prevent overheating.

In addition to creating x-ray fluorescence equipment that can be fitted into smaller spaces, Micro X-Ray has also developed a product that eliminates high voltage arcing, which can be a major problem with other similar products. When arcing occurs, it typically leads to a much higher fail rate in the equipment.

Anyone interested in learning about this x-ray fluorescence equipment can find out more by visiting the Micro X-Ray website or by calling 1-831-207-4900.

About Micro X-Ray: Micro X-Ray is a leading manufacturer of x-ray tubes and other solutions related to this field. They create and sell a variety of products, including packaged and shielded tubes, glass tubes, integrated cooling options and high voltage power supply integration. They take great pride in creating effective solutions that improve x-ray processes for a variety of applications.

Company: Micro X-Ray
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News Release: Micro X-Ray Offers X-Ray Fluorescence Equipment
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