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Meet the Creative Genius, American Actor, Writer and Producer Lawrence Bucher

Lawrence Bucher is an American actor, writer and producer known for the multi-award-winning short film, Under The Radar (2017 "Platinum Remi Winner" WorldFest Houston), Mutilation Mile (2009), International Chinese drama, Hidden Summer (2017), and his most recent performance in the Detroit-based feature, No Maximal Dose (2017).

Short Bio: Lawrence was a late bloomer and for acting this proved to be no different. It was not until 1997 when he decided to take his first acting class, studying under Elayne Stein in Phoenix, AZ. And, it was even later before he would begin to develop his craft: studying under the late, great, Joseph Bernard (2003-2006) — an American actor who appeared in over 25 Broadway plays and several movies, was the executive director and teacher at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute (1968). Joseph later made Las Vegas his new home leaving his mark on hundreds of local-based actors and the Vegas community abroad.

Sadly, in April 2006, Joseph passed away, but not without equipping Lawrence with tools necessary for his journey ahead. Since his move to Hollywood with several festival awards under his belt, and an arsenal of screenplays and treatments, Lawrence continues pressing forward confidently and patiently aligning himself with those who are artistically balanced, grounded and sincere.

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