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Meatbags: Keeping your game fresh and clean

A successful hunt is exciting however you also need to keep your game fresh and clean. A hunter should have a ready meatbag around when he has an animal on the ground. While butchering your game your meatbags will minimize the dirt and help keep the bugs away. The meatbags are key to having a good or spoiled meat. It can also help hanging your meat easier so it doesn’t spoil. There are many types of meatbags and it should be durable and breathable just like hunting garments.
Here is the Quarter Master Meat Bag which has been designed and developed based on a hunter’s years of experience to meet the needs and performance of hunts that extend to a week or more. All materials, fabrics and webbings have been designed specifically. From the initial stage until the product is completed the Quarter Master Meat bag has custom designed fabrics and webbing. Every material, element and accessories infused in it has been selected with the utmost care and combined to create the ideal meat bag with the most features.

After shooting the game, the real work begins specifically in the case of the Sambar Hunter. Animals are harvested and there is a long way from roads in the middle of steep and tough terrain. No more worries Moroka30 has come up with a way to make the task and load far easier to deal with the help of the Quarter Master Meat Bag.
The unique and fully-featured Quarter Master Meat Bag comes with a Heavy Duty Waistbelt to take the load off your shoulders and greatly reduce the possibility of fatigue. Made with 600d Blaze Orange Nylon Cordura, you are assured of durability and safety. It has a capacity of approximately 40lt and has been tested to fit a mature stag rear quarter. With its heavy duty nylon webbing shoulder straps and waistbelt, adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, carrying your game will be easier. A quarter is secured upright in the beg with the help of the adjustable leg strap and for heavier loads, it also has an adjustable compression strap to remove the excess weight and keep it secured while carrying.

Don’t worry about the dirt, the Quarter Master Meat Bag is easy to clean just rinse, soak or if you like you can place it in the washing machine. It weighs only 450g and it can be included in a Day Pack with its rolled size of 8 x 25cm. Your game is assured of its freshness because the Quarter Master Meat Bag keeps the insects while maintaining air flow which minimizes bacteria spoiling.
Moroka30 has also included the natural seeded Calico Game Bags. These have a simple but proven design manufactured in Australia from 100% natural Calico. Tough, breathable, washable and can accommodate most deer species, the Moroka.30 Calico Game Bag is very light and can be rolled easily in compact form so it can be included in your Day Pack during hunting
Once you have your animal harvested, each quarter can be placed whole or boned out and put into individual game bags. After you have placed your game into the individual game bags you can now put it into the Quarter Master Meat Bag carry your load easier.

You can now suspend the bags individually from a tree branch once you reach the Camp to cool the meat while keeping the insects away.

The Quarter Meat Bag is available in 2 convenient sizes - 40 x 60cm - 70 x 150cm. It can be reused and washed. For quick and easy securing of the opening, it also includes a Tie Strap. Check out our Quarter Meat Bags at ...

News Release: Meatbags: Keeping your game fresh and clean
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