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Maximize your returns with attribution modeling

Windsor Data Services, your one-stop destination for all you need to create a data-driven organization. Based in Zürich and Singapore, Windsor Data Services is a modern, cloud age data integration and advertising firm whose mission is to empower firms with data management and analysis tools.
There are very few firms like Windsor data services that understand the power of data. They believe that most companies today are collecting huge amounts of data. So the challenge is not finding the data or algorithm but to analyze and imply It in the right way. They provide services like Integration, Attribution modeling, programmatic ads and case studies.

Windsor Data Services through their attribution modeling services make sure that firms earn maximum return on their marketing investment. These attribution modeling services shed light on how your forecasts turn across all marketing channels, including email marketing, visits to your website, landing pages, dedicated campaigns and more.

Attribution modeling makes marketers life easy by turning complex tracking data into visual paths. Attribution experts can assign real value to all digital channels. Which in turn gets you concrete answers for questions like which channel is the most profitable, or at what time of the day your website gets most visits?

Windsor Data Services’ advanced and independent attribution modeling software gives insight into which marketing investments are performing well and generating revenues. Also, the firm believes that every marketer has different needs, and hence works just the way they want it. They study the strongest and weakest customer touch points and give solutions accordingly for the maximum optimization.There are very powerful AI and machine learning algorithms available today. Windsor Data Services believe that the challenges on the way of becoming data driven lie more in making everything work together. That’s why they enhance attribution modeling and validate results through in-market testing and macro-modeling. By considering the impact of outside factors, Windsor Data Services eliminate bias, thus creating the most accurate and actionable attribution models.

So if you are looking for assistance from attribution modeling companies, Windsor Data Services is the place to be. They will help you get the most out of your data, and design solutions to make sure your data is valuable to you for the years to come. With this information in hand, you can rapidly respond to clear opportunities or changes in consumer behavior. For more information visit ...

News Release: Maximize your returns with attribution modeling
Submitted on: February 13, 2018 11:38:19 AM
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