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Manufacturing equipments - Guarantee the Quality of stainless Forging.

Ghaziabad, February 8, 2018: CHW Forge guarantees high-quality stainless steel forging to Indian manufacturing sector and also to the world. This India-based company has earned the status of a reliable and consistent award-winning forging parts manufacturer in entire South Asia with its expertise in the forging industry and for adopting an innovative way of thinking that has led CHW Forge to enormous heights.
Since forged parts are a need of every manufacturing company, CHW Forge makes sure that all avenues of heavy industrial complex, such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Defence, Aerospace, Aviation, Ship Building, Food and Beverage industry deserve what they need to come up with their best products. While there are many varieties of steel used for different purposes, CHW Forge has the proper equipments and technically sound crewmen, supervisors and engineers to give each final stock a thorough check at every phase of the production.
The company spokesperson added his opinions and said that “India is quickly gaining momentum as a diverse cultural and economic hub of the world. This is particularly good for the forging industry because it attracts new manufacturing companies from all over Europe and North America to choose India for their next venture. And since CHW Forge has been predominantly active in India since 1956, it deserves the respect of being not only successful but also the best forging parts manufacturer in entire South Asia and one of the few reliable and fully functioning forging manufacturers of the world. In fact, over 50 percent of our total sales come from exports.”
Among the rolled rings forging that CHW Forge undertakes, Titanium Alloy grade Ti6Al4V is also available in rolled rings format. This alloy finds a heavy application for critical parts in Defence and Aerospace Industry. The company has previously forged alloys like Maraging Steel, Aluminum Alloy, super Duplex Stainless Steel and many others.
CHW Forge was also the forging parts manufacturer and supplier to the Brahmos Aerospace project, that led to the making of India’s premier missile defence system.With the changing landscape of world’s manufacturing trends, CHW Forge assures top-quality and long-lasting parts for any number of applications. They are also favoured by foreign companies since the quality of products is consistently high and the prices are competitive and affordable. This company offers custom forged components including but not limited to aluminium forgings, rolled ring forgings, tower flanges, steel blinds and much more in different thickness and sizes.
About CHW Forge:
With a strong market presence in Uttar Pradesh, CHW Forge is industry’s leading forging parts manufacturer in South Asia. Their experience comes from making use of advanced manufacturing facilities to produce outstanding quality of forged products for industr ...

News Release: Manufacturing equipments - Guarantee the Quality of stainless Forging.
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