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Mana Hotels: The best hotel in Ranakpur

Rajasthan presents its visitors picturesque natural scenery that bewitches every soul. Moreover, it is the state of the valorous rulers who made a number of forts and palaces and temples that now stand strong, telling their stories through the history of hundreds of centuries. And as we see now, most of the palaces, forts, and royal gardens are built in the most picturesque locations which have become the famous tourist attractions of the country.

But there is still an untainted little town in Rajasthan that has preserved its heritage like no other. This place has it all, natural breath-taking scenery, a temple that was built in medieval era, a national park with numerous plants and animals, and a huge fort. This amazing place is Ranakpur. There is a lot that you can experience during Ranakpur sightseeing but Ranakpur owes its share of fame to the grand Jain Chaturmukha Temple, popularly known as Ranakpur Jain Temple, which has been standing resolute for over seven centuries. Ranakpur Jain Temple is the biggest Jain temple in India with unmatched architecture and incomparable carving designs. Apart from this huge four entrance temple, there are many other temples too like Muchhal Mahavir temple, and Surya Narayan temple that enhance the religious importance of this place.

Very close to Ranakpur is the fort of Rana Kumbha who aided the construction of this majestic temple. There are many hotels where you can plan your stay while visiting these grandiose structures, but the best of Ranakpur hotels and resorts is Mana Hotels. Nestled in a small beautiful valley of Ranakpur, it is a resort offering you all the luxuries of the big city hotels with contemporary architecture and interiors, at the same time keeping the traditional Rajasthani culture alive in each little detail, making you experience Indian Rajasthani culture in new light. It creates a comfortable modern ambience for its guests, welcomes them with the grandeur of Rajputana style, and takes them to show this little city around making sure you have a good time there.

Apart from The Jain temple, other Ranakpur tourist places include the Ranakpur Dam, which is a perfect place to see the sunrise or spend a quiet evening, Thandi Beri, a forest department place to stay for a while to admire the natural beauty of this tranquil place and Shri Falna Swarna Jain Tirth - Golden Jain Temple among other temples. Mana Hotels also creates memorable experiences for you by offering camel rides, hot air balloon rides, bullock cart rides, heritage train ride, puppet shows, pottery and cooking classes, and village tour, making it a vacation for you to remember all ye ...

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