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Maintain the Integrity of your Windshield this Winter

Houston, TX – December, 2017 – Driving safety in winter isn’t only about how well we drive, it’s also about how prepared you are with your vehicle and this includes checking your windshield.


Well, a damaged windshield can pose a significant risk during colder months. A seemingly harmless, small chip or crack can create a dangerous risk when cold air hits it.
Why is it Important to Pay Attention to your Windshield?
Here are some examples of the risks of driving with a crack in the windshield during winter.

?Being Ejected
A cracked windshield is likely to shatter on impact. The driver or the front seat passenger are at a great risk of being ejected due to the impact of an accident, especially if you are not wearing a seatbelt.

?Airbag Malfunction
Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, the airbag may not deploy properly, if the windshield is not intact. This is because the airbag acts as the backstop so that the airbag inflates toward the front seats.

?High Risk in case of a Rollover
In winters, rollovers are common auto accidents. Many rollovers are fatal. While an intact windshield can provide structural support, a damaged windshield can shatter upon impact. Without the support, if the vehicle rolls over, the roof may give in, injuring the driver and passenger(s).

?Less Protection in Head-on Collisions
In case of a front-end collision, the windshield may send the force of the impact to the chassis, thereby reducing the impact to those inside the vehicle. But this protection is not available if the windshield shatters upon impact.

Windshields can shatter not only upon impact, but also when their integrity is compromised due to unrepaired cracks or chips.

Apart from chips and cracks and the risk of collision, the drastic temperature changes (being heated when frozen and then frozen again) makes the windshield vulnerable to shattering, even while driving.
Tips to Maintain the Integrity of your Windshield during Winter

Here are a few things you can do to protect your windshield during the winter months.

?Use the right winter windshield washer fluid that is mixed with the proper amount of antifreeze.
?Keep your windshields clean, since the dirt may allow moisture to get into the crack.
?Avoid extreme temperatures. Defrost the windshield slowly.
?Protect your windshield from the elements by parking in a covered place.
?Seek the advice from a windshield expert if there is a small crack or on your front or rear windshield.

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News Release: Maintain the Integrity of your Windshield this Winter
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