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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Interior Design Tips: Complete Your Lifestyle With Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring, also referred to as linoleum, is an elegant and inexpensive way to cover flooring in almost any home. It is also convenient and easy to wash, which is perfect when you have pets or young ones running around.

Why vinyl?

Offered in many different styles and colors, vinyl floors can be adapted to fit almost any interior design program, which means that you could make sure that your floor complements your living surroundings flawlessly. Pick from a wide selection of effects, including slate, marble, granite, tile and wood. If your house needs perfection, with vinyl floor you'll be able to get it just right.

Vinyl flooring can be increasingly popular since it's fantastic value for money. Unlike other flooring options such as real hardwood flooring and stone tiles, vinyl comes at a price that can leave you with lots of layout budget to have fun with later.

If you like to indulge in a place of mild DIY, and then going for a vinyl flooring gives you the opportunity to fit your own floors cheaply and conveniently, with minimal fuss and bother. Vinyl is easily trimmed to size using a standard craft knife, unlike tiles and hardwood floors, which require a little more expertise. A tiny adhesive may be used to secure the ground in place. As an alternative, you may use the cash saved on cheap vinyl flooring to employ somebody to do the task for you.

Is my house right for vinyl?

Vinyl's versatility means it can be used in any house, and in almost any room in the house. Bathrooms and kitchens are the obvious places for a water-resistant, easy-to-clean flooring option, but in reality vinyl designs that resemble stone or wood are frequently used to bring a bit of class to living rooms and hallways as well.

Before installing a vinyl floor, you should guarantee that your subfloor - the very bottom layer of your floor - is in a fantastic condition, with no debris or dust which could be exaggerated from the vinyl to give a lumpy finish. Ask an expert if your flooring is unsound, as though it's, it can be made appropriate with a simple concrete or PVA therapy.

If you're planning to fit your vinyl flooring in a conservatory or a room with underfloor heating, then talk to your supplier to ensure you choose the ideal variety of vinyl, as not all grades are acceptable for all temperature ranges.

Maintaining your vinyl floor

After your new floor is cut, fixed and inserted, bear in mind a few suggestions to keep it shipshape. Ensure that spillages and stains get wiped up sooner rather than later; tougher stains can frequently be handled with white spirits or ammonia solution, but consult the instructions or your supplier. Because vinyl is tough and hardwearing, it is the best flooring for a place that is used frequently, or a home with kids or animals. With a minimum amount of tender care, your sleek new floor will be in mint condition for many years to come.

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