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Looking for best quality and latest wire puller machine? Here is an online web portal offering you the same!

All those who are associated with the professional of electrical field and other associated fields where you need to carry wire over your shoulders can understand that how difficult it becomes to manage and perform this profession sometimes. Well! To overcome this problem of carrying the wires over shoulders can now be handled, as you have the option of Porta Pull 4000 FXP, a lean cable tugger, wire pulling machine. So, the next that comes to your mind is where to find this machine? Portal Pull, an online store offering wide range of wire pullers and other accessories is the answer to this. The online web portal is designed by an electrical contractor understanding the need of contractors in the market. It was Greg Tompkins, a licensed electrical contractor in Florida who actually felt the need of such a wire puller and invented Porta Pull 4000 FXP cable tugger to help others in this profession. To know more about the product and the options available you can have a glance through the website

The requirement was for a puller machine that could work without the hardware, power drills and adapters. Also, cost effective cable puller machine was the required, price being a constraint and therefore it was Porta Pull 4000 FXP machine that helped to meet the requirement. Going through the website you can go through wide range of wire pullers available that include master series, apprentice series, journeyman series, TUGG’A series, duo-pro series, manual series, 4000 FXP, econo-pull 1.5K and others. The company is known for journeyman series Florida wire puller option as well that include two major options that are journeyman 6K and journeyman 3.5 K. You can find other accessories available as well that include pulling rope and puller accessories.

If you want information about any product literature and a platform that offer you wire full force calculator option then approaching this online web portal is the best option. You can select the options online for calculating wire pull force and calculate the required power. For any other query you can contact the company directly, as customer support, technical support contact number and email details are available on the website.

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News Release: Looking for best quality and latest wire puller machine? Here is an online web portal offering you the same!
Submitted on: December 05, 2017 11:26:20 AM
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