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Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. Announced Warm Water Underfloor Heating Solution in Guildford

Guildford residents have something to cheer for as Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. announced their offering of warm water underfloor heating systems in Guildford. They already enjoy a stellar reputation in other areas of the UK due to their maintenance of high standards of quality, cost-effective prices and friendly services.

On asked why their warm water systems are better than electric heating systems, a company spokesperson said, “Electric heating systems, such as radiators are very experience to use. We came up with warm water underfloor heating systems because it is an affordable alternative to heating homes and commercial spaces.”

The spokesperson further added, “The affordability is not our only reason for providing Guildford residents with our underfloor heating solutions. The primary reason is that our system promotes better heat control and even heating. Radiators always have this tendency of overheating homes and offices, but with our water underfloor heating systems, this problem is completely eliminated.”

When the spokesperson was probed about why Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. is installing their water heating systems underfloor, he said, “We want to help property owners save whatever available space they have in their residential or commercial building. Today’s average homes and offices come with limited space and if our system takes away half the room, there will be no area left for placing furniture and other decorations. Also, with underfloor heating Guildford, the residents who choose to install it will be able to enjoy the heat rising from the floor to the ceiling encouraging balanced warmth.”

Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. has a team of CPCS approved installers who are proficient in taking care of the entire underfloor heating installation process. The company aims that all the inhabitants of Guildford will be able to experience comfortable living throughout the year.

About the company: Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. is one of UK’s well-known and trusted underfloor heating specialists for both homes and businesses. They specialise in warm water underfloor heating systems that are installed by certified installers. From the initial design through to the perfectly level floor, they take care of everything.

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News Release: Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. Announced Warm Water Underfloor Heating Solution in Guildford
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