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In a world like today, where most of the businesses swear by the power of a live chat support on their websites, there are still a number of others who are reluctant to use the impeccable support tool for their business.

The reason?

A serious of questions that they keep repeating over and over again. They really need to get over the hump so as to leverage the technology. Here are some lesser known chat support myths that are responsible for this hesitation:

Live chat support is not meant for mobile:
Well, that’s one of the biggest myths that hold back the business owners from investing in an efficacious live chat support. However, this is just a myth.

The truth, on the other hand, is that a live chat support is fully functional on all modern browsers, including mobile browsers. The customers can easily connect with your business through live chat when they are on a go.

Also, according to a research, 62% of customers expect live chat to be available on mobile devices. The same study states that if live chat is available on a business website, around 82% of the customers would readily use it!

Live chat agents can handle other channels while taking chats:
Only in your dreams!

Look, humans can multitask, but not to that extent. As a matter of fact, chats can actually be tricky to plan for. Adding chat support to your website is a great way to enhance customer support but burdening the already existing team with one more support channel is nothing more than burdening them.

In other words, your customer support agents are no superheroes. For a chat support to be effective, you need to make significant workforce changes. You need to dedicate staff to the channel accordingly and plan on them not answering phone calls.

Chat software benefits only the sales team:
Well, not really!

It’s not the company’s sale that is boosted once a live chat software is employed by a business. There’s a lot that the chat support can help with. The highly efficacious support tool empowers your customer representatives and the marketing team alike. It lets the marketing team know what the site isn’t communicating and hence helps eradicate the leaky points.

Live chat cannot help internationally:
This is yet another myth related to the live chat software that won’t let a business owner invest in the software.

Well, FYI, there are a number of multilingual live chat software that provide the easiest way for international customers to contact you. This further implies that live chat encourages international sales that too in a cost-effective manner!

Have you too been believing in any of these myths all this while? If yes, hope all your questions and doubts have been eradica ...

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