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Laser Stretch Mark Removal.

Laser for stretch marks is all the rage in the market today. We would like to know what makes laser the choice. Is it simply because of its effectiveness? As with all procedures, we too would like to know what the costs are. We shall look into some details of the use of laser for stretch marks.
Stretch marks are also known as "Striae", a form of scarring on the skin with an off color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis (made up of collagen and elastic fibers) which over time can reduce but not vanish entirely. To improve the texture and color of Striae, encouraging the renewal of collagen is essential.
Laser surgery for Striae need to be carried out by a dedicated dermatologist and its objective is to rid the dead cells around the marks to replicate fibroblast cells in the layer of skin beneath the marks which increases the renewal of collagen.
Laser treatment for Striae has shown great results when worked with fresh marks. More treatment sessions and over a longer period of time might be needed in dealing with striae that had been around longer and it becomes more challenging in administering the laser treatment. There is a debate about the tangible efficacy of laser treatment for stretch marks. The argument is that laser therapy is expensive and is not useful in escalating the growth of collagen. The reason given for the argument is that the laser removes the scar tissue on the skin but that does not facilitate the increase in collagen
The fact is that, laser surgery is not a miraculous quick fix. It needs more than one session which means the cost involved includes for a few sessions
Research has shown that laser surgery do show results of reducing the Striae.
A qualified and skilled dermatologist will assess suitability before starting treatment. One of the considerations is skin tone. Lighter skin tone responds more positively to laser treatment and tend to be less likely to have side effects. Do check for and consult experienced dermatologists, if you are considering taking up laser for stretch marks https://gostretchmarks. ...

News Release: Laser Stretch Mark Removal.
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