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Lars Larsen Watches: Luxury Danish Watch Brand Minus The High Price Tags

Svendborg, Denmark, October 27, 2017—Since the 16th century, watch designs have dramatically changed in size, design, and price. The first watch design operated using spring-driven clocks, and were called “clock-watches”, and were designed by German craftsman, Peter Henlein.

Early watch designs were much more ornamental in design and were only worn as pendants (or large pins), which often made them heavy and not always convenient or easy to wear. When portable time pieces were first invented, only the wealthy could afford them since they were expensive and a luxury item, and unlike watches today, they did not tell the exact time since they were not very reliable and had to be wound at least once each day. They were worn more as a sign of nobility than anything and were more of a novelty item for the rich.

In the mid-sixteenth century, the design and function were improved and pocket watches quickly became a major trend along with waist coats. They were still considered a luxury item that mostly wealthy and noble families could afford. Though, as time went on, designs improved and so did prices. However, few could afford the sophistication, quality, and elegance that only money could buy.

Today, watch designs have dramatically changed with the ringing in of the digital era, but the demand for a classic, quality watch design still exists regardless of today’s more digitized world. With that in mind, watch prices can range anywhere from twenty dollars up to thousands of dollars, and if you want a watch that will always look great and last for years instead of months, and ones that come with an excellent warranty, then consumers have no choice but to invest in a high end brand name.

Since the need of for watches is here to stay, designers have been trying to come up with designs that more consumers can afford and a watch they can be proud to wear with years of use. Danish watch brand, Lars Larsen Watches, does just that only they have taken their classic, luxury design, and have added a beautiful minimalistic design to their watches.

Not only are their watches elegant, sophisticated, and timeless, but they also come without the high price tags many consumers fear when looking for a quality watch brand. They also come in a wide range of styles and watch band types to suit individual design and fashion preferences while maintaining a classic, minimalist function and look. For example, site visitors will find watch designs (for both men and women) with leather straps, gold or silver straps, black carbon steel, nato straps, a variety of face colors and color combinations, tachymeter designs, and so much more. Anyone in the market for a new watch will not be disappointed with the affordable luxury watch designs found at Lars Lar ...

News Release: Lars Larsen Watches: Luxury Danish Watch Brand Minus The High Price Tags
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