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Kounopt announces the addition of the Transitions Graphite Green Lens to their inventory

Delaware, – Green is not just the color of envy, it is now the color that creates envy. Atleast with the Transitions Graphite Green Lens that Kounopt has introduced in their exclusive collection. The Delaware lens specialists’ inclusion of the Transitions Graphite Green Lens is part of the search to adorn clientele with an exclusive range of top of the line lens and improve viewing experience through the lens.

Jim Kounnas, the President of Kounopt was ecstatic, “this lens is a perfect natural in our inventory, something that I can actually say was a model that was sorely missed, and it makes our offerings more well rounded”. The more than three decade old optometrists and opticians took the plunge, going online three years after inception. Since then, there has been no looking back, as Kounopt slowly established itself as a respected entity spreading its presence digitally from Delaware.

The Transitions Graphite Green Lens is one of the very latest to hit the market, with technology that has been aiding pilots. Chromatic color adaptation, touted to offer enhanced true color perception regardless of ambient brightness, it offers individuals the ability to be able to perceive colors better with splendid contrast. This actually results in reduced eye fatigue and strain that occurs when the eye automatically tries to rejig the visual perception by strenuously overcompensating.

Jim explained the history of the green lens “this product is the fruit of research and collaboration between the world famous Photobiology of Natural Museum in Paris and Essilor, one of the giants in lens manufacture”. Offering the best perception of color, comparisons with tinted lens have indicated that the graphite green lens indeed does have an edge over others. This signature lens additionally protects individuals with increased E-SPF, acronym for Eye Sun Protection Factor. The lens comes with proven technology, having aided pilots in cockpits flying thousands of feet above land and sea.

The best part of the Signature Lens is undoubtedly the striking look the green shades create. The stunning lens complements and contrasts wonderfully with all complexions, with subtle variations available in lens colors.

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News Release: Kounopt announces the addition of the Transitions Graphite Green Lens to their inventory
Submitted on: July 17, 2017 02:56:26 PM
Submitted by: Jim Kounnas
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