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Kaspersky Malware Spyware Adware Removal|Kaspersky Antivirus

Using a clean computer, download the latest version of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool from Kaspersky – Direct Download. The setup will extract the files to Kaspersky Malware Spyware Adware Removal folder in your selected location. The main Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool window will open. Place a check mark in the box next to and then click on the recommended setting to modify various scan settings. Here it should be noted that changing the default scan settings is likely to increase the time taken to complete the scan; but it will be the most complete scan of the entire computer. I recommend customizing the settings if you suspect that a virus has infected your computer. In the settings window, click on Additional tab and then move the Heuristic Analysis slider to deep scan.
In the main window, click Start Scan to start the scan. The cleaning process is interactive with an alert window popup for every infection. The user to allow choosing any option between Disinfect, Delete and Skip. The detection and disinfection/deletion process may be saved to a text file. The Report window lists the malware found and action taken. Right clicking on an item provides many options. If the Kaspersky Malware Spyware Adware Removal was closed due to any reason, you can restart it by running start.exe found in the installation folder. If the automatic uninstall fails when exiting the application, you may manually remove it by running unins000.exe from the installation fol ...

News Release: Kaspersky Malware Spyware Adware Removal|Kaspersky Antivirus
Submitted on: February 21, 2018 10:40:00 AM
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