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Jsk Automotive Talks About The Difference Between Autonomous Cars and Self-Driving Cars

Cars, as well as car technology, is about to alter a lot in the next few years and the automobile makers are continuously harnessing the potential of the various car technologies devised by the world of web to improve the overall driving experience. Cars that were once just a mechanical piece of metal and screws controlled and driven by humans are increasingly inclining towards employing complex car technologies that are taking over the functions carried out by drivers - driving included. The amalgamation of these technologies and the development it curtails lead to the birth of the cars called autonomous cars or self-driving cars. These two terms are increasingly used interchangeably and that’s because people fail to understand the small yet significant difference between the two.

The experts of the largest suppliers, exporters, importer, and distributors of Hyundai Car Parts in the UK, Jsk Automotive is here to wipe clean the doubts people have in regards to these cars. Beginning the explanation he says,” Though the terms autonomous and self-driving cars are used interchangeably; there are a lot of differences between the two when it comes to their operation and functionality. Autonomous cars are the cars that can guide itself without the guidance or conduction of human intellect; there are different levels of automation that lead to a car which is fully automated. Cars can be called autonomous up to a point where they can pick up the surrounding scenarios and can drive on certain roads and certain conditions but the driver still needs to control what the car does. Even when the car is trained to drive on certain road conditions all by itself the drivers must understand that they still need to supervise to help them take certain decisions.”

He further explains, “We can truly call a car self-driving car where it can operate all by itself without having to seek the conduction of a driver. This is a high automation level but the car will be able to do everything by itself in some so-called “driving modes”. So the driving modes are the traffic scenarios where the cars are fed to drive in a certain mapped road network in a specific area. But the major drawback that comes with this scenario is that though they may be able to maneuver on roads and highways, the things that are not marked in the map will not be detected by them, so the chances that they may collide with those things are higher.”

So to say that both autonomous cars and self-drive cars are same is pure blasph ...

News Release: Jsk Automotive Talks About The Difference Between Autonomous Cars and Self-Driving Cars
Submitted on: February 23, 2018 10:18:14 AM
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