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Jsk Automotive Talks about the Challenges Faced by Self-Driving Cars

“A future filled with Self-Driving Cars?” “The future where all you need to move from one destination to another is to just sit in your car, the rest will be taken care by the cars itself” How? “SELF DRIVE CARS” Are we really approaching the era where robots will drive the cars? Or it’s just a camouflage?” Is the reality completely difficult from what we have already cooked in our minds or are we really going to experience the roots of which have already been sowed? Google recently in a survey revealed that the number of minor car accidents all courtesy of the self-driving cars is 11 in the past 6 years. Though even the brightest of technologies do face technical glitches from time to time, the numbers we are seeing is quite big for a simple technical glitch.

The automobile experts of one of the leading Wholesalers of Hyundai Car Parts, Jsk Automotive feels that there are lots of challenges that Self-Driving Cars needs to overcome to become a fully efficient car. Explaining the first challenge he says,” Building a map for self-driving cars is not an easy task to accomplish. Google is working along the lines of full anatomy cars that don’t need drivers at all. Google’s self-driving cars are equipped with pre-made maps and sensors that track “obstacles” on the road and both the elements work in complete harmony for the car do its actual work. Google before sending its self-driving cars for testing in a new town or city, the mapping team creates a detailed 3D map with the help of a rotating Lidar camera on the car's roof. To know the surroundings the camera sends out laser pulses and the Google’s mapping team later on pore over the date to segregate different features. Google thinks that it is better to create a map ahead of time so that the car’s software can devote its processing power in determining the obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians, as well as any new objects that weren't present on the map.” He further adds, “But the company like Tesla thinks that it’s an exhaustive and time taking process and relies on imaging and sensor processing. Now the time will decide which technology will score the goal.”

Moving on he says,” When driving a car you need to make lots of social interactions which is a complex task for robots. By social interactions, we mean a silent communication with other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. In such situations, human beings rely on common sense and human intelligence, which is difficult for robots to learn.” Leading on he says,” The four areas where self-driving cars need to adapt themselves to is first, they need to recognize the environment around them, second, they need to understand why people they’ll find on the road are behaving the way they are, third, deciding how to responds to the things they’ll find on the road and fourth, “how to communicate with people they’ll find on the road.”

Concluding this he says, “If self-driving cars in future are able to overcome these major challenges, then only we can see a future filled with Self-Driving Cars ...

News Release: Jsk Automotive Talks about the Challenges Faced by Self-Driving Cars
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