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IZF resources allow a comparative analysis of the costs of the main factors of production

The industrial development results in an improvement of the production factors of agriculture, and at the same time it improves the operation of the labor market and promotes an increase in income that stimulates the efficiency of the markets. African countries are aiming to come to terms with their industrialization a task that tests the resilience of this nations.

On its website, IZF facilitates information on the cost of production factors allowing a comparative analysis. This information is intended for decision-makers, economic operators, investors, and public and private authorities. Its database on energy and communications, hydrocarbon, credit, workforce, property, and transport provide useful tools that can be accessed by all investors with an eye on Africa and all those who already operate in the region.

Furthermore, users can look for information regarding each factor of production while using the scheme of filters and advanced search to narrow they search and access the information concerning each of the 14 zone franc countries in the region.

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News Release: IZF resources allow a comparative analysis of the costs of the main factors of production
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