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Is Yahoo Mail Really Prone to Massive Security Breach on Consistent Basis!! A Review

Yahoo has been warning its registered webmail users since last many months about the data security breach that happen in their account in case it is not fully secure. The massive data security breach actually struck twice last year in September and December that put actually put a question mark over the security protocols of Y!, which is said to be one of the biggest web portals of all time.
Forged cookies can be the main reason behind unprecedented hacking attempt made by scammers. All kind of malicious activities are successfully conducted by cyberpunks using forged cookies with which password is not required to access the webmail account. This is not the first time; Yahoo users have been a victim of massive data security breach. More than 1 billion email accounts were hacked in 2013. The same story happened again with the hijacking of 500 million email account of users in late 2014, which hampered their overall work performance with huge data loss from which they have not been able to recover yet.
It is repeatedly recommended by Y! To change Yahoo email Password time-to-time but users did not pay ears to the suggestions offered by them. The warning to change webmail password came at the time when Verizon communications were in process to sign a deal to take over Yahoo webmail services. This security breach gave them a chance to get a bagging discount of around USD 250 million due to frequent security breach happening on a regular basis; being its causa proximate.
Yahoo Inc also recommended users to keep a check on the activity in their email account by accessing privacy settings. If any irregular or suspicious activity is noticed, they can take essential steps to offer security to their webmail account. It is hugely recommended to avoid click on the links sent on spam email as they are untrusted websites with adware and spyware files that intrude in the PC and Smartphone device to gather essential details such as login account details such as user id and password of email accounts.
According to the expert suggestions; had webmail users change Yahoo password on a daily basis, it could have proved to be security shield for webmail users with the huge possibility of preventing the essential data from getting compromised. With advancement in technology, Yahoo launch account key feature in the app to reduce the importance of password to access the email account.
With this, the forged cookies cannot help hackers to gain access to an email account as every time user attempts to sign-in to Y! Webmail account; a new account key is generated through the app, which needs to be entered in place of a password, which secures the account access. As the Yahoo account key is generated, the old key becomes invalid and the forged cookies, which scammers use to hack webmail account; will become automatically invalid and the data stored in an encrypted form containing the password, will not work at all to perform any kind of security breach; thereby preventing a massive security bre ...

News Release: Is Yahoo Mail Really Prone to Massive Security Breach on Consistent Basis!! A Review
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