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Intellectual property firms in Delhi

New Delhi, 14 November, In accordance with the rules stated by the Bar Council of India, we are not permitted to solicit work and advertise. However, if any person wants to have an access to any piece of information then, we completely serve them with the same on specific requests.

We keep everything confidential and so if anyone wants to know regarding anything we wholly provide them with his or her specific requests. In addition to this, we don't interpret any piece of information as soliciting or advertisement. In any case where a person faces any legal issues then one can easily seek an independent legal advice from our proficient experts as well as leading service providers.

Our clients have a wide spectrum range of varied sectors which mainly focus on Publishing, online and print media, TV, film and broadcasting, Gaming as our company is also a member of The Independent Game Developers Association, TIGA. In addition to this, the Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, Telecoms, Web development and hosting, IT and software, Fashion, art and design and a lot more. Doesn't matter that you are a property developer, investor, commercial landlord or tenant because you will definitely require a maze of the property law which you will encounter.

As per the concerns of an intellectual property (IP), our team is broadly reckoned as one of the most leading IP practitioners and are also top-listed amongst most of the other law firms in India. We have an extensive Intellectual property firms in Delhi where each of us have an experience of all aspects of IP which mainly consists of patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, database rights, trade secrets, domain names and a lot more where we do advise our clients on how to protect their ideologies with complete cost-adequacy.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Real Estate, we do provide such services with our team of Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Delhi as well as solicitors who work closely with our clients and advisers in order to deliver an innovative commercial and legal solutions as well. We do offer a residential real estate service to a high net worth individual. Thus, to have such services, you can easily contact us at any time whenever you feel in such a need.

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Law Office of Lawlines : Our company is best considered for the services of Intellectual Property and Real Estate especially when it comes to the safeguarding of the same which is rendered at cost-adequ ...

News Release: Intellectual property firms in Delhi
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