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Installation, maintenance and drainage services of landscapes

By looking at the wonderful landscapes anybody can feel really magical and peaceful. A person can just enjoy the beauty of nature by looking at the lovely flowers, green plants and grass and different structures such as rocks that surround the lovely plants. Although landscapes are man-made, they are created by utilizing the natural resources. The certified landscape designers are engaged in landscaping services. They provide landscaping services to any person who wants to grow a garden in their place. Following are the services provided by landscape designers.

Design and installation

They first plan a design that is ideal for a garden and then begin installing the plants, materials equipments or structures that are essential for landscaping. They install different types of landscapes such as softscape, hardscape and lawn. The softscape includes installation of trees, shrubs, shady trees, evergreen trees, ornamental trees or perennial trees and annual flowers that add beauty to the garden. They install them according to the specification of the customer. They install materials, trees, flowers or bushes by considering the area, locality, size of the garden, home architectural pattern etc.

Hardscapes are the structures that surround the plants, trees or flowers such as the patios, retaining walls, segmented wall blocks, boulders, driveways, steps, etc. They install hardscapes according to the size of the land, customer specification, etc. The pavers are of various types such as bluestones, nature stones, etc. The certified landscaper is engaged in hardscape design and installation services.

Lawn also adds a lot of beauty to the garden. They are engaged in installation of seeds of the lawn or grass or sod too. Apart from sowing seeds, they are also engaged in grading, drainage or top soil.


After installation of landscapes, they should be maintained on regular basis. They should maintain the lawn and the landscapes. The lawn maintenance services include grass cutting, trimming, edging, and fertilization process too. Even landscape maintenance includes various types of services deer protection, weed control, technical pruning, winterization, and replenishment of proper nutrients to the plants, trees, shrubs etc The snow that is accumulated during the winter season also should be removed and hence it is extracted by applying salt, calcium after plowing.

Grading and drainage

Draining includes removing the water that is unwanted and to see if the water is flowing in the proper direction. It also includes the process of installation of seepage pit and to control the roof reader from run-off.

When the landscape becomes outdated, they are also engaged in landscape removal and redesign process.

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