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Industrial Hard Disk Sanitation Made Easy

LSoft Technologies presents a cutting-edge solution for effortlessly destroying vast amounts of sensitive digital data while still making it possible to continue using the storage drives afterwards. By comparison, physical destruction or degaussing ensures that the hard drive will never be usable again.

If you're planning to get rid of large numbers of old hard drives but don't want to destroy them, you're going to need a solution that can safely and securely wipe any potentially sensitive data stored on them. Formatting the drives simply won't do the trick, since anyone will be able to recover the data using third-party data recovery software.

The only sure-fire way of completely sanitizing an old hard drive, aside from physically destroying it, is to overwrite the entire drive with 0s, which will physically overwrite all the original data. However, using a manual approach takes a great deal of time, and most disk sanitation software is only practical for working with one drive at a time.

KillDisk Desktop is a hardware solution that allows you to erase up to five drives in parallel and simply add more to the system as required. With minimal user interaction required, you can easily securely delete data as per US Department of Defense standards so that no one will ever be able to recover it. The system also issues certificates and reports for your records and accountability.

Shipped as a complete system, KillDisk Desktop can start erasing drives straight out of the box, making it the perfect solution for recycling old hard drives and safeguarding private information. Learn more at ...

News Release: Industrial Hard Disk Sanitation Made Easy
Submitted on: January 16, 2018 01:20:05 PM
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