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Indian Snacks Market Forecast to 2023

Snacking is considered as the routine habit in India between meals or in place of a meal. Snack food generally comprises ready-to-eat mixes, chips, namkeen and other light processed foods. The market for such snacks has undergone significant change over the past two decades with the entry of various multi-national and regional players along with their distinctive brands and flavors. The Indian snacks market has witnessed a steady growth with the shift in consumption pattern. This increasing consumption of snacks is influenced by various factors. Increasing per capita income of people living in urban, semi-urban and rural regions of the country is among the major factors driving consumption of snacks.

The latest research report titled, “Indian Snacks Market Forecast to 2023” portrays current and future scenario of the Indian Snack industry in the region. The report covers the Indian Snack market in the terms of value and volume. The Indian Snack industry is expected to witness stellar growth with the changes in lifestyle and food habits in the country and the rising middle-class population.

The report provides the key analysis and market estimation of its industry segment, such as Namkeen, Extruded Snacks, and Chips. Namkeen is the dominant segment, followed by the Extruded Snacks. As the food habits are different in different regions of the country, we have covered the market for the different regions of the country, i.e., North, South, East and West. The market is also segmented into organized and unorganized sector of which unorganized is the dominant market.

Our report covers different facets of the India snacks market, integrating thorough analysis of its various categories. As for Snack trade in the country, we have covered a comprehensive analysis of the product’s import and export by value and volume. The major trends, challenges and developments of the industry have also been highlighted, in order to build better understanding of the industry.

With a view to provide a balanced outlook, the report covers competitive landscape that includes company profiling of major players. Overall, the research provides comprehensive and pre-requisite information of the industry to the clients, and helps understand the market along with the structure and growth in the coming years.

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News Release: Indian Snacks Market Forecast to 2023
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