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Increasing Infrastructure Reforms in the Country is Promoting the Gypsum Industry

Indian gypsum industry is going through an unremitting growth phase. Gypsum is primarily used in three applications viz. building construction, cement, & fertilizers. More than 98% of the gypsum is consumed in the production of cement. The rapid infrastructure development in the country has lead to the increase in cement production, thus propelling the gypsum market. In addition to this, shift in construction techniques from traditional wet construction to dry construction; using materials such as prefabricated wallboard are driving the growth of gypsum in the country.

According to our latest report “India Gypsum Industry Outlook 2022” gypsum consumption in India would grow at a CAGR of around 6.5% from 2016-17 to 2021-22. The maximum production of natural gypsum is from the mines in Rajasthan accounting to 99% of the total gypsum production. However, as the sources of natural gypsum are depleting from the country; it is largely dependent on the import of gypsum form neighboring countries and production of artificial gypsum. The government is also backing the industry by allowing up to 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in gypsum products industry of the country. To match with the growing demand, Indian cement makers are now looking for acquisitions of overseas gypsum mines as a valuable option and increasing the production of synthetic gypsum.

Highlighting the potential of this industry, Shushmul Maheshwari, CEO – RNCOS said, “In the view of rising consumption of gypsum, companies should also concentrate on the production of synthetic gypsum to meet the increased demand as most of the neighboring countries are limiting their gypsum export”.

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News Release: Increasing Infrastructure Reforms in the Country is Promoting the Gypsum Industry
Submitted on: February 01, 2018 06:36:23 AM
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