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We know it is a big investment, both emotionally and financially. along with a substantial financial commitment, such transactions usually involve risks, and legal considerations. You will need of a proven best real estate and mortgage professional. i understand the importance of trust and respect between families. i extend those qualities to each of my clients every member of your family will be treated with honor and respect. REASONS WHY HOMEOWNERSHIP IS A REALLY GOOD HEALTHY INVESTMENTPERSONALSATISFACTION: more living space You can have a yard for gardening, a storage area, a place for a workshop or just extra room. FREEDOM SO IMPORTANT: You can choose your own home, the style, landscaping, colors and decor. You have the freedom to arrange and decorate creatively to suit your needs. PRIVACY: Your degree of privacy is greatly increased. You can come and go as you wish without having to compromise your personality or lifestyle. SENSE OF COMMUNITY: Your home makes you a solid part of your community. You'll have a feeling of belonging - whether you are having a backyard barbecue or attending a town meeting. THE BEST PRIDEOF OWNERSHIP: you can feel proud that you own a piece of the neighborhood. AMERICANDREAM: You achieve the dream of most Americans - to have your own home. Make your dream a reality... contact Miguel Frias today! More living space. Freedom to design and decorate your home. Security — a landlord cannot ask you to leave. GAIN A SENSE OF COMMUNITY: Owning a home involves you in the welfare of your community. You may feel a greater sense of belonging and permanence by owning your own home. There are many advantages to buying a home versus renting one. Your income, savings, and monthly expenses play an important role in determining how large a mortgage you can afford. It's obvious that right now is a great time to purchase a home. with rates the lowest they've been in 30 years, home ownership is a more achievable goal than ever. loans are still being approved for people who can afford to repay them, and there are still some great mortgage programs out there. Don't wait and lose another opportunity of the next real estate boom call me today at miami dade: 305-407-3547 Broward county: 754-777-0807 and you can stop making your landlord rich and start building your future. Visit and Apply Now: http://www.homessalesmiami ...

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