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How to Use Linksys Router as a Wireless Repeater

12 January 2018, USA: Linksys Routers are known for its reliability and sleek networking features. Now, it is possible to use Linksys Router as a Wireless Repeater to increase its signal strength. With wireless repeater mode on, it is easy to connect with many networks at the same time. A repeater works as a strength extender to strengthen the wireless signal from a router. It connects many devices by enabling signal to a boarder range. Availing wireless and LAN services, Linksys routers can be set up as an Access Point, Access Point Client and Wireless Repeater. By creating an Access Point, anyone can use Linksys router as a wireless repeater. While extending the range of signals, one can avail multi internet services without any interruptions.

Effective Process to Use Linksys Router as a Wireless Repeater:

There are number of details that you must need to know before configuring Linksys router as a wireless repeater. Go through the down mentioned steps to install Linksys router as repeater. Get in touch with Linksys Router Technical Support to avail round the clock help at any time.
• First of all, you need to setup the Linksys Wireless-G Access Point. As well as configure the Linksys Wireless-G Router.
• Secondly, switch on the system’s wireless card followed by connecting the secondary Linksys router.
• Navigate to the webpage using Ethernet cable.
• Now go to the setup tab followed by clicking on the AP mode link.
• Next you need to check the Wireless MAC Address of a Wireless Router or Access Point.
• After doing so, configure wireless repeater mode on the WAP5AG Linksys device.
• As the wireless connectivity has been established, look for the MAC address web-based setup page of the wireless router.
• Finally click on the Status followed by clicking on the wireless.

Note: in some cases, some repeaters may have a different default gateway. Check thoroughly before following the process. Sometimes, repeater might not support WPA2, only the WPA and WEP. The default gateway and subnet mask depends on the router’s configuration. If the default gateway is different, change the IP address of the wireless repeater.

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