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How to Transfer Budget from Budget Account

In this generation, everybody wants instant answer In single click. Even Professional in the companies facing the little issue in the business process. For that all question, the Oracle Fusion Application is the answer.
It brings the big impact on business process in the company. The Oracle Fusion is a new suit which results in the combining the best concept and idea which minimizes the business process. It takes all control over the Finance management.
How the Budget Transfer works
We can select the budget account which we have transfer and add to Budget Transfer Request. By it, we can transfer between which are combining in the same Budget year.
Select the budget year from the Account Type, select the budget account you have the transfer. The Budget period depends on the budget period of selective account.
If u transfer budget period from the budget year then select the budget under monthly basis, it derives from Budget period. After all, section then clicks the Budget Transfer Request to submit the request. Request opens and specifies the amount budget to transfer.
When you are Transferring budget amount on an annual basis then budget amount entering on the annual amount before the Budget Transfer Request. To update the Budget Amounts process, submit the request to execute.
The Budget Transfer request undergo the “Review Budgetary Control Balance” . when it is Review, to control Budget the Budgetary Control Management Role. It will access the Transfer Budget act ...

News Release: How to Transfer Budget from Budget Account
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