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How to Make Your Wedding Larger than Life

A wedding is a special affair in a couple’s life. You tend to work on ever single detail of it to ensure it becomes and remain immortal. But these become even more important when you want your wedding to be larger than life! The boldness and beauty of a wedding that breaks the norms of everything that is regular in its proportion, is unmatched.

Let us just consider few things that could help us to achieve a “larger than life” theme for the wedding.

Choosing the right colours:

Colours have the power to create a sense of space, vibrancy and energy. That is what a larger-than-life wedding is all about. So do not hesitate to choose colours like red, bright pink, sunny yellow, lively orange and so on to take the experience a notch up. So have tall drapes of these colours that fall from roof to floor or a temporarily constructed red staircase that allows the bride and groom to make a dramatic entry.

Choosing the right destination or venue:

To create the right sense of drama, you need the right location. If you have the budget, choose an appropriate venue, such as an architectural wonder if you are a history buff. Or a sky diving drop-zone if you are an adventure geek or simply an open garden or beach side to indicate your attitude towards life and how to lead it to the fullest.

Choosing the right photographer for your special day:

A wedding is a very precious event in everyone’s lives. Consider choosing the most experienced and creative photography team when deciding on hiring a professional photographer. Candid and creative photography with increased resolutions and vivid colours is a perfect mix to forever preserve your memories of your wedding day.

Your wedding memories always occupy a large space in your heart. Preserve the experience in such a way that it lets you live those “larger than life” moments, every ...

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