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How To Check NECO Result Online Using An Internet Device

Buy NECO result checker scratch card online. (Pay with your ATM Card)
Visit NECO Result Checker page at
Select Examination type (June/July or Nov/Dec).
Select Examination Year (e.g 2017).
Enter the NECO Checker Pin Number
Eneter your candidate Number in the space provided
and finally click the Check my result button and wait for your result to display.
Here is your result! You can have it copy to somewhere, write it down or print your result for future reference.

Now after checking your results, and you wish to contact NECO for clarifications on certain issues; just know it is still possible. Of course, anything can happen. There might be some technical errors with the NECO system, such that you were sent the wrong results. Or perhaps your results cannot be found online. Don’t panic!

The system is actually handling the exam results for the entire nation. And once it gets overloaded, it’s bound to experience some errors. In such a situation, all you need to do is to contact NECO through their support lines.

How to check NECO result online

As NECO releases results for the SSCE June/July or the Nov/Dec Examinations every year, most Candidates faces the challenges of checking their result. Some may resolve to going back to their various schools to check their results. For those who live far away from their school or maybe have relocated from where they used to study, going back to their former school to check their results could be a stressful task. To check NECO result online will never be a problem again after reading this post.

The Good news is that this post shall guide you on how to check your neco result online without going back to your formal school. In this post you shall learn how to buy NECO result checker scratch cards online. You shall learn the basic steps to logon to neco NECO result checking website and so on.

Before any other thing, you need to find a means of internet connection. You can use your mobile phone or your laptop to connect to the internet. Without an internet connection, you can also check your neco result using your text message enabled mobile phone.

What you need next is a NECO result checker card. You can buy NECO result checker card online if you don’t have one. The NECO result checker cards contain a card pin and Serial Number. You shall need the Pin number only to check neco result online. This checker can also be purchased from any NECO office in Nigeria. The card can only be used to check exam results to a maximum of 5 times. With this pin, you can either check your results through a mobile phone or online using NECO websites.

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