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How Exploro Aids Marketing

As a breakthrough in technology, Exploro is a utility app providing solutions for daily needs of travel, navigation and lifestyle.

Apart from connecting you with people and places, it also brings numerous opportunities of growth and promotional strategies for companies. It is a must for startups, and provides value addition to existing businesses.
Through the app, organizations can also effectively promote their products and services without incurring heavy costs. Marketing strategies are redefined through Exploro’s GPS Solutions that not only enable companies to successfully conduct marketing activities, but also ensures that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time.

How it works:

• Exploro provides messaging services to its users. Companies can now send promotional messages that are Geo targeted, thus finding the right customers, who require their services. Thus they save costs, and keep their customers happy at the same time.

• The app also provides the users with the ‘groups’ feature, which helps companies create customized groups of target segments and customers on the app. Using this, the company can now send their promotional messages to required segments only, and get real-time feedback.

• Exploro also enables the creation of a QR code. When a company registers on the app, they can create their own unique Exploro ID and QR code. Any customer that scans this QR code using their own version of the app will be automatically connected with the company.

• After a customer has connected with an organization on Exploro using the QR code, the company can ensure that their promotional messages are reaching both regular and potential customers who have visited their outlet or viewed other promotional material.

• In short, Exploro helps companies save costs, target appropriate customer segments, ensure the delivery of messages to the right people and keep pace with the growing technological environment.

In such a manner, by conducting marketing operations through Exploro, companies and organizations such as schools, restaurants, hotels etc. can magnify their reach to customers. With the marketplace now functioning as a competitive ground for buying and selling, only those companies with effective reach and promotional material can truly succeed.

By targeting appropriate audiences effectively, companies can now invest the money they would have otherwise spent in expensive promotional strategies elsewhere. Moreover, they can also be rest assured that any regular customer will not miss out on their festive season offers or schemes when they are released as Exploro accommodates customized messaging to customers absolutely free of c ...

News Release: How Exploro Aids Marketing
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