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How Did Feelex Derive Comfort Quotient from PEF Technology

Until now PEF or Polyurethane foam was used in multiple consumer and commercial products for its upbeat properties, the chief among those being flexibility and firmness. PEF foam is highly flexible and can be bent to a great extent without efforts and is also highly compressible. These factors lead it to be used for underlay and packaging. Later on, the demand for flexible PEF extended to the upholstery industry where it was used as an extra cushioning layer to provide a lot more comfort.
PEF was first introduced in the bedding industry of India by Feelex, a leading mattress brand in India. In a bid to make its products have a varied level of firmness and shape, Feelex made use of the PEF technology. The PEF foam layer traps small air pockets which help in improving air circulation. By infusing PEF technology, Feelex has also been able to reduce the weight of the mattresses which otherwise used to be quite heavy.
Blending of the superior PEF technology into the present manufacturing system proved to be revolutionary for sleep hygiene. Though people have become concerned about sleep hygiene only lately, the matter is of utmost importance. Sleep hygiene is indispensable for a quality sleep as the modern individual manages to sleep for fewer hours and dedicates a countless number of hours at a stretch for work. Feelex beddings do not let the microbial and bed bugs to perforate. The health benefits of sleep hygiene ensured by leading mattress brand in India, Feelex keeps away fatigue thereby contributing to the complete wellness of body and mind.
PEF technology is also accounted for a zero motion transfer. That is to say, PEF foam products manufactured by Feelex, the best mattress brand in India, has the right amount of rigidity to limit one’s body weight within the area he or she has occupied on the mattress and doesn’t create any disturbance for the other person sleeping in case of any movement. PEF foam also provides a great amount of support to the limbs and joints. Instead of exerting an equal amount of pressure back to the muscles, the PEF foam absorbs the pressure and leads to a comfortable sleep throughout the night.
The PEF mattresses from Feelex, the best mattress brand in India, also owe their popularity to their attractive appearance. All mattresses have a high-quality finish. The top, sides, as well as the bottom of every Feelex product, has best-in-class fabric quilting that is engineered with the help of finest sewing technique.
Thus, by introducing the PEF technology, Feelex has completely remodeled the bedding industry. PEF technology is the solution to everything a modern mattress buyer would seek- comfort, look, fit, and breathability. Feelex, the best mattress brand in India has a great collection of mattresses infused with PEF technology.

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