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Hospital de la Familia of Mexico

In 2003, Hospital de la Familia, (Family Hospital), was founded by a group of surgeons looking for a higher standard of medical care on request in the locale. The vast majority of the establishing surgeons where Gynaecologists, which conveys to the consideration that the healing centre’s primary centered in its first years of presence was ladies services. Doctor's facility de la Mujer, (Women's Hospital), was the healing centre’s underlying name and numerous local people still call the clinic by that name. In 2004, the clinic chose to extend its services to the whole family, consequently changing its name to Hospital de la Familia.

Facelift surgery
At Family Hospital cosmetic surgery evaluating is extremely focused, maybe the most aggressive out of all the full service healing centers in the locale. We perform cosmetic surgeries once a day. 30% of our cosmetic patients originate from the United States each month. You can also do facelift surgery for less money. We have 0% death rate and our group of staff is devoted in helping you amid the whole procedure. Hospital de la Familia is viewed as one of the best hospitals in Mexico for medical tourism in Mexico

Spine surgeon in Mexico

You can Find a great spine surgeon in Mexico at Family Hospital with cutting edge innovation that empowered us to effectively perform neurological surgeries giving fulfillment to our patients with the goal achieving a healthy way of life for them. Beside our technology and neurological program, we also have the most experienced neurologist in the city.

Spine surgery speciality manages disarranges of the sensory system. That Works with the diagnosis and treatment of all classifications of disease including: the central and peripheral sensory system, the autonomic nervous systems and the somatic sensory systems including their covers, veins, and all effector issue, for example, muscle. Neurosurgery is the genuine surgical treatment performed to counteract, analyse, cure or restore any disorders identified with the central nervous system in areas for example, the cerebrum, spinal cord, peripheral nerves or cerebrovascular system.

Doctor's facility de la Familia is by a wide margin one of the world class doctor's facilities in the city with the absolute most perceived surgeons in the locale on staff. In light of the vicinity to the United States, it's board guaranteed and experienced medical surgeons, cutting edge best in class office, and a medicinal tourism office group that is constantly accessible to help you amid your experie ...

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