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Hidden Dental Dangers

The nature of proper dental maintenance involves a solid amount of self-awareness and conscious living. Staying aware of what we are subjecting our teeth to, and attempting to avoid risks, can make a huge difference at the end of the day.

Many of these dangers are obvious and well-publicised, such as the sugars in lollies or soft drinks. But some are less so. In an era when we’re not entirely sure what is involved in the makeup of our foods, there have been some nasty surprises. And one of the most striking is cough drops.

Cough drops and lozenges can be a godsend when you have a cough. They can sooth an irritated and dry throat, and can mean the difference between a day spent distracting your school or office, and one spent operating in relative normalcy. However, they are often high in sugar content, in order to mask the otherwise unpleasant medicinal taste of their key ingredients.

This content can be nearly as high as a candy of comparative size. As a further worry, ill people often work their way through several of these lozenges per day, considerably more than they would with your standard lolly. The discomfort of the cold or illness can make many people back-burn their dental care, but this is foolhardy – a quick brush and floss after you have indulged in some lozenges can make all the difference over the course of years.

As always, maintenance makes all the difference. If you’re in need of a check-up to ensure your teeth haven’t suffered unduly during your latest cold, book an appointment with your local experts, such as the local experts at Newcastle Dental.

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News Release: Hidden Dental Dangers
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