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Hexagon Wealth Advisors embarks on Mutual Funds Sahi Hai Campaign to Bring Awareness among Investors

November 29th, 2017, New Delhi, India- Hexagon Wealth Advisors is a well-known name as one of the prominent investment distributors in India. The company has not only carved a niche for offering best investment solutions to the potential investors but at the same time, helped people gain awareness about various investment tools. As a Mutual Fund Consultant, the company takes its responsibility very seriously and has come up with “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai” Campaign to make people aware of investing in Mutual Funds. The company caters to an exponentially growing investor’s base and also offer personalized advisory solutions.

Based in New Delhi, Hexagon Wealth Advisors extends best wealth management solutions to their clients. The other services offered by the company are Wealth Creation and Preservation, Retirement Planning, Children’s Investment Plans, Tax Planning and much more. As part of their Mutual Fund Advisor services, they have taken upon themselves to provide conservative investment solutions to cautious investors making them aware of the advantages of Mutual Funds and how they can safely grow their hard-earned money by investing into Mutual Funds.

For the investors who require to grow their wealth over the long term to meet their financial goals, solutions are offered to them by working out the Lump sum and SIP amount which they need to invest.

According to the spokesperson at Hexagon Wealth Advisors, “As part of our efforts to popularize Mutual Funds through “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai” campaign, we have addresses many myths associated with investing in this investment tool. Some of the major myths that are being addressed by our experts are mutual funds are meant for experts, perfect only for long-term investment, it is similar to investing in stock market, only a large amount of money can be invested in mutual funds and a lot more. The idea behind this campaign was to help people understand that mutual funds investment is one of the best ways to invest money by investors who want to grow their wealth but do not have huge sums for investment. Addressing these issues through this campaign is just a way to help potential investors to clear their doubts.”

Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds:
• Mutual Funds are managed by professionals who have expertise and are dedicated resources
• Mutual Funds help generate better inflation adjusted returns without spending much time & energy on it
• Mutual Funds give diversification by helping spread your risk in diverse financial instruments
• Mutual Funds offer Liquidity by enabling you to invest a small amount and easy to pull your money
• Mutual Fund schemes offer various options which allow investors to plan their investments according to their tax requirements and liquidity preference

About the Company
Hexagon Wealth Advisors is known in the investment market as a company that not only offers a variety of investment options but also try to ensure that suitable funds are suggested for investment through their seasoned guidance. Many people are sceptical about parking their hard-earned money in financial products about which not much is known, and here, Hexagon Wealth Advisors plays a vital role by spreading awareness about the investment of their savings in Mutual Funds. A team of highly experienced and expert advisors guides people to invest money as per their short term or long term investment goals.

The services provided by the company include Tax Saving Plan, Investment for beginners, Financial aspect of Retirement planning, Child education planning, Wedding planning and also products like Fixed deposits, Life insurance, Health insurance, Mutual funds, along with many other options.

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News Release: Hexagon Wealth Advisors embarks on Mutual Funds Sahi Hai Campaign to Bring Awareness among Investors
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