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Hello Travellers, Time to Rejoice — XOXO Tours to Launch a Social Network to Connect Travelers Worldwide

Often it happens that, we have a friends group that happen to be very exciting and thrilling, but when it comes to interests, you stand out alone. XOXO Tours’ social networking app for travelers is the solution to that problem. It connects you to a travel buddy from all across the globe, someone who understands your wanderlust and craves the same thrills you do. With XOXO Tours, you step into a world of travel enthusiasts with whom you may chat, connect and share memories together.

If you are a young blood and happen to be single, then you must’ve heard about Tinder or similar online dating apps, or might even be a premium member there, sitting behind the screen trying to find a date!

Sometimes, it might get a little depressing sitting in a closed room swiping right or left. Just when you thought online dating was getting boring, there happens to be something that might regenerate that spirit and force you to go out on vacation.

XOXO Tours is just the right ingredient that could spice things up in your world! With XOXO Tours you get to meet people all across the globe (no questions asked!) who have similar travel interests and plan your vacation on the go. Who thought there could be a thing like Travel Dating...Cool right?

Let’s Hear from Founder

XOXO Tours is founded by Kishore Beniwal, a die-hard entrepreneur, who after starting a successful job portal, exclusively for blue/grey collared employees has forayed into an app for social networking travel enthusiasts all around the world.

“‘XOXO’ is evocative from a bird’s eye, where ‘O’ stands for Hugs, when the two persons embrace each other, and ‘X’ symbolizes Kissing, as often used regarding emojis. The young generation uses it massively to express love, faith, affection, and friendship. And ‘Tour,’ as we know is an excursion for having pleasure, adventure or thrill. ‘XOXO Tours’ is a perfect blend of both ‘XOXO’ & ‘Tour’.”

Travel + Networking + Dating = XOXO Tours

This above equation with XOXO Tours even provides a unique way to hang out with a local, give your trip a better ‘desi’ (indigenous) taste. A city or country is very different when you see it through the eyes of a local, the beauty in tiny details is often overlooked otherwise.

“With XOXO Tours, you may connect with people with similar interests, especially who are travelers & may love to join you for your trip. Conversations and Travel are the two things that may make two people become friends with each other in no-time & XOXO Tours will help you to find people with similar interests when it comes to traveling” Kishore said.

XOXO Tours provide a very easy travel companion. Now sign-up with your Facebook or Google account and become the player.

The app and all of its features are absolutely free for female users. For male users, basic features would be available for free (for 30 days as a trial) till he upgrades his account to a premium user to avail more features of the app.

Could ‘Travel Dating’ Become One of the Biggest Trend in 2018?

The answer to that is ‘Yes!’

With prices of airline tickets going cheaper, traveling and exploring new places, people, culture, cuisines, etc. has become an inevitable hobby for many. Since the present generation now prefers dating through apps which gives an idea of connecting two like-minded travel enthusiasts who may be interested to date each other & travel together.

“Solo traveling has become a hot trend these days, and XOXO Tours offers an opportunity to connect with a travel companion from anywhere in the world to make their tour more exciting and pleasurable.”

If you are a travel enthusiast and ever said to yourself that you would have done this trip only if you had someone to join you, now is your chance.

And hey, the app is even Ads free. Go out there and live your dream.

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About XOXO Tours

XOXO Tours is the new generation travel dating app that combines the thrills of travel and dating in a dedicated app that aims at providing a seamless experience to its users. The app is free to use for females, while offers a very nominal subscription fee for male users. XOXO Tours is registered under XOXO Tours LLC based in New Delhi, In ...

News Release: Hello Travellers, Time to Rejoice — XOXO Tours to Launch a Social Network to Connect Travelers Worldwide
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