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Heather Jameson launched a new video on building muscle by 20%

Heather J has launched a new video on how to lose fat faster and easier by building muscle

One of the best ways to lose weight is to train. This means weight lifting to keep the calories burning through boosted metabolism. Intense exercises call for lots of energy and the body works hard to provide the needed energy in that it ends up using the stored fat as energy which is how weight loss is achieved through working out. However, what most people do not know is that concentrating on building muscle can also help greatly in reducing weight.

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This is what HJ tries to explain in her new video on how to lose weight fast by increasing metabolism through muscle building. She claims that building muscle can increase metabolism up to 20% and this is a good percentage to aid fast weight loss. The tip she offers makes it possible to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, which is impressive in any weight loss scenario. Basically, one gram of muscle that is built burns three times amount of calories for every gram of fat burn. This makes muscle building is very important as far as losing weigh fast is concerned. The easiest way to build muscle is to weight lift. Even though muscle building is something that has always been viewed to be for men, women also need to build muscle without necessarily looking masculine. They simply will have firmer well toned bodies when they build some muscle.

To maximize the results of weight lifting, Heather advises that the workout session should be at least 40 minutes and should be done at least 4 times every week. This is enough to build a good amount of muscle that keeps the metabolism high, hence increased fat burning to aid proper healthy weight loss. To lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, individuals will need to train every single day or even twice a day if possible. As long as the body can take it and there is time, every effort should be put into it to enjoy fast weight loss results. Each of the workouts should be able to burn 500 calories, which can easily lead to losing 20 pounds in one week. This is simply incredible, especially for individuals who are desperate to get fit again and maintain their ideal weight. As long as the metabolism is running, proper and healthy weight loss is bound to be enjoyed.

When doing weights, it is important to remember the importance of pushing the body hard without causing any muscle damage. When doing the right weight lifting and at the same time eating the right foods, such damages are kept at bay and lean muscle is maintained. Heather invites all people interested in learning more about weight lifting to increase metabolism, hence aiding weight loss to get in touch with her.

HJ offers healthy diet tips for weight loss that anyone can handle and enjoy the best of results. Her video can be watched on

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News Release: Heather Jameson launched a new video on building muscle by 20%
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