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Gynaecare Offers the Safest Abortion Facility of Kolkata

Pregnancy abortion in India has been legalised under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971. However, if the pregnancy is under 12 weeks a woman can go for abortion if she feels that the pregnancy can endangered her life. In addition, if the reports suggest that the foetus can be also born as handicap or ill mental health can go for abortion process. However, in case the pregnancy is more than of 12 weeks it needs a MTP (Medical termination of Pregnancy). In such cases the patients needs expert opinion of two doctors.
The decision of abortion is essentially depends on the woman if she is married or unmarried but reached the adulthood. In case of minor, a written permission or the guardian is needed or in case the girl is not mentally stable. However, in case of the pregnancy up to 12 weeks old, the doctors in Gynaecare solve the issue through providing medicines such as misoprostol and mifepristone. However, these medicines are only available from the medical houses based on the proper medical prescriptions. If any medical shop will sell the medicines without proper prescription the licence of the shop can also be cancelled. There are several abortion clinics without proper registration has been set up here and there and going in those clinics are not only dangerous but also illegal.
In case of medical termination of pregnancy, one must go for registered clinics. Gynaecare is a renowned clinic for gynaecology and obstetrics issues under the leadership of Dr. Abhishek Daga. The clinic not only provides the best medical facility but also keep the identity closed in order to keep the patient safe from embarrassments. In addition, the staffs of the clinic are fully accommodating and always make certain that the clients must not go through any hostile situation at any given point of time. It also needs only few hours to complete the process and the patient can go home on the very same day, depending on the health condition.
In India, though the touch of modernisation has arrived lot of years ago but sex, especially at unmarried time is still considered as a taboo. In order to avoid these issues, Gynaecare provides special pick and drop facilities for the patients. The car used to pick the patients up from the house and drop to the house after the medical process has been over. In case of the patients from out of Kolkata or India, the clinic facilitates same service from airport or stations.
The clinic also cares about the mental condition of the patients and provides mental support in case of trauma. The doctors and staffs are well familiar as regards to medical termination of pregnancy. To know more about our variety of services one can visit the website For further acquaintance one can drop a mail at In case of emergency, one can directly call us on the number 9433367751 for appointme ...

News Release: Gynaecare Offers the Safest Abortion Facility of Kolkata
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