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Guangzhou Honsun Offers A Wide Range of Special Fiber Optic Components

Guangzhou, china (May 19, 2017) - Guangzhou Honsun Opto-digital Co., Ltd, whose former basis is Guangzhou Fiber manufacturing facility belonged to China Weaponry enterprise group, is the earliest and the most effective producer of special fiber optic additives now. In latest years, after the institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, control innovation and technological innovation, Honsun has evolved to the biggest high-tech military and civilian company characterized by using special optic fiber components production. The company’s location is at a very suitable place with beautiful scene and clean air, in which the transportation is convenient and subsequent to the brand new Baiyun international Airport of Guangzhou.

The Fiber Optic Plate is an optical device constructed from a package deal of micron-sized optical fibers. It is used as a lens to convey the mild and photo with high performance and low distortion. In contrast to everyday optical lens, no focusing distance is needed. Fiber Optic Plate can act as a relay factor for conveying photo from one side to any other side.

As fiber optic generation maintains to boost, its usefulness spreads to even more aspects of our daily lives. The defense department uses fiber optic night imaginative and prescient goggles to avoid hazard and notice possibility; it is used in medical field for drug manufacturing and in other vital fields.

About Guangzhou HONSUN Opto-electronic Co. Ltd:
Honsun, the world’s leading manufacturer for commercial rigid, fused fiber optic faceplates, tapers has years of technical experience at the research of fiber optic picture transmission devices, fiber telecommunication devices and fiber sensing gadgets, in addition to a professional technical staffs, receiving many awards for technical achievements and development of nation, province and city degree.

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News Release: Guangzhou Honsun Offers A Wide Range of Special Fiber Optic Components
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