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Greeniche Natural Health – Lead Sponsor of TD MOSAIC South Asian Festival of Mississauga

Greeniche Natural Health is proud to be associated with the TD Mosaic South Asian Festival of Mississauga. The Mosaic Festival is in its 11th year and features Dance, Music, Literature, Visual Arts, Fashion and Food. This year our brand ambassador, Annu Gaidu, will be live casting the event and will be meeting with performers and the general public over the two days of the event (11th and 12th August, 2017).

On both days, Annu Gaidu will talk to performers and live cast from 7 to 8 pm. This includes a live cast of Kailash Kher at 8pm on 12th August. The live feed will be available at

Greeniche Natural Health is a lead sponsor of TD MOSAIC South Asian Festival of Mississauga and offering 40% discount on its entire product range during this event. Come and visit stall with lots of fun and excitement.

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News Release: Greeniche Natural Health – Lead Sponsor of TD MOSAIC South Asian Festival of Mississauga
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