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Government Biometrics Market North America Market Set to Dominate

?The growing number of use cases of biometrics in the government sector in various countries for a convenient and accurate identification of individuals is driving the evolution of the global government biometrics market. A number of biometric modalities are being extensively used in various government applications such as national identification cards, border control, voter registrations, passports, and latent print matching. The rising number of security breaches, coupled with their growing complexity, has led to the evolution of advanced and more nuanced identifiers based on individual’s unique physical characteristics. Biometric authentication have also gained popular among various populations as they are believed to be a key enabler for access to several essential services related to social security, financial assistance, and healthcare.

The global government biometrics market is estimated to rise from US$4,996.5 Mn in 2017 to US$8,605.2 by the end of 2022. The market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecast period 2017–2022.

Key factors and trends influencing the growth of the global government biometrics market are:

The need for an accurate and reliable authentication modality is a key factor propelling the demand for biometrics in the government sector in various parts of the world. The rapidly growing implementation of various biometric technologies in various government agencies is a vital factor driving the market. The intensifying efforts of governments and law enforcement agencies in several countries for using biometrics in long-term e-passport programs is a key factor accentuating the market. In addition, the growing prominence of national identity card programs in a number of developed and developing countries is a key factor bolstering the use of government biometrics. Furthermore, the burgeoning demand for biometrics in the travel and immigration sector in numerous developed nations is boosting the government biometrics market.

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Furthermore, the marked preference of government agencies in several emerging economies in adopting biometrics for an easy and reliable universal identification is a significant factor catalyzing the growth of the market. The wide popularity of biometrics based on fingerprint recognition as a versatile and practical modality has boosted the market.

The scope of a number of advanced modalities based on an individual’s other unique physical characteristics is constantly being explored, thereby opening up exciting avenues for market players. The adoption of voice recognition modality as a fairly non-invasive technology in several government agencies, notably in intelligence, is favorably impacting the market. The market is also expected to benefit extensively by substantial advancements brought about by players in biometric platforms. Furthermore, the intensive efforts undertaken by government and private players in creating awareness about the versatile functionality of biometrics and addressing the common concerns are prominent developments catalyzing the growth of the market.

In some advanced regions, such as in Europe, biometrics technologies appear to be promising for solving migrant problems. This is also expected to accentuate the government biometrics market in the coming years.

The market is expected to witness substantial adoption in developed regions. Geographically, North America is a dominant market as it currently accounts for the major share of revenue in the global market. The regional market is estimated to reach US$ 2,510.4 Mn by the end of 2022. The wide application for biometrics is attributed to the substantial demand for biometrics by customs and border protection officers for security purposes. The growing use of biometrics by various federal government agencies in developed nations of the tracking suspects region in the backdrop of rising terrorism activities is boosting the market.

Competitive Dynamics

Several players are experimenting with advanced biometric modalities to make them more accurate and versatile. Prominent players operating in the government biometric market include Safran Electronics & Defense SAS, NEC Corporation, Fujitsu, BIO-Key International, Inc., Precise Biometrics AB, Secunet Security Networks AG, Thales SA, and Aware, Inc.

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News Release: Government Biometrics Market North America Market Set to Dominate
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