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Get The Best Cargo Freight Insurance From A Reliable Company

[16/01/2018, USA]: Magaya Insurance Services is the place to visit for a complete peace of mind while transporting any good to any destination. Land ship or air, they provide concierge style insurance catering to the need and requirement of each customer on the basis of the type, size and specifics of the cargo. A visit at Magaya Insurance will enable one to know about the company and the different types of services that they provide. All insurance needs are met by them providing all the relevant information and status of the cargo as well at the same time. It will not be exaggerating to say that they have revolutionized the concept of buying, selling, and using insurance for logistics entirely.
With their integrated service using the most innovative technology they have been able to provide comprehensive Cargo Freight Insurance to all. They have enabled the logistics companies to control the entire process easily and more effectively. Their web based portal enables in streamlining the process with all the relevant documents and information stored in one place. One can have easy access to such information through this portal that is available 24/7. This helps in many aspects including the review of any insurance requirements and for leases or contracts. Their varied service includes examining warehouse safety, drug free workplace certifications along with discounts and examining disaster in the port.
One can get a lot of help in disaster recover planning from them that will enable one to minimize the loss of any data. They also provide assistance in studying and comparing insurance coverage and premiums apart from providing comprehensive and intuitive training programs to resell insurance to customers as well. Apart from their most useful and beneficial Magaya logistics software they also have licensed agents who will also help one in comparing and selection of insurance policies. All their agents have extensive knowledge about insurance and also can design the most comprehensive risk management program. One can now process cargo insurance requests faster and in a better way knowing all the details and information regarding it.
Silvia Bory, one of their team members said, “We follow a unique philosophy in our company. Serving our customers in the best possible way we establish a long-term relationship with them. We understand and value their need the best and serve them with the highest level of honesty, integrity and transparency. That is why we have a long list if varied type of customers that includes logistics providers, export and import companies, international freight forwarders, cargo airlines, shipping lines, consolidators, warehouse providers, NVOCCs, wholesalers, and distributors. We have over 50 years of combined insurance and logistics industry experience that enables us to provide only the best to our customers with our expertise.
One can visit Magaya Insurance and talk to one of their expert insurance brokers to determine the best insurance for their business. They provide different coverage to different business as they believe that in insurance there is nothing like one size fit for all coverage. They consider all the aspects like what one does not have and require having and what will be beneficial for the client along with how to use it and then recommend a policy that is individualized just for the specific client. All these features make them stand apart from all others.

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News Release: Get The Best Cargo Freight Insurance From A Reliable Company
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